Taking the Bible Seriously

The more I encounter Jesus in the Gospels, the more skeptical I become of my own interpretations of Scripture.

The Pharisees spent so much of their lives immersed in the Bible, and they took it so seriously. And yet time and time and time again, Jesus seems to get really exasperated with them. I love the NIV’s translation of John 3:10 where Jesus asks Nicodemus, you are Israel’s teacher and you don’t understand?

I think for so long it’s been really easy for me to point the finger at the Pharisees and pity them or mock them or whatever for missing what is now plainly obvious since Jesus came.

But… isn’t that making the same mistake the Pharisees made? Shouldn’t I be a little cautious about my interpretations lest I fall into the same trap? Is this why we have approximately 34 bazillion Protestant denominations, each one believing their particular theology is the most important?

The more I encounter Jesus the more I realize how little I truly know. I don’t want to be a Pharisee. And I don’t want to hold tightly to a theology only for Jesus to come to me and tell me, “Oh you missed the point completely.”

I don’t think it’s wrong to study the Bible. (Quite the contrary, actually) I don’t think it’s wrong to study theology. I don’t think it’s wrong to hold a high standard for personal holiness. I just want to hold more tightly to Jesus than to my flawed understanding of theology.

It’s going to be messy, and inconsistent, and illogical at times. And that makes me deeply uncomfortable. But I’d rather be deeply uncomfortable, following as closely to the example of Jesus as I possibly can, then to be deeply comfortable in a theological fortress of my own design.

AirPods Pro

I got some new AirPods Pro a couple weeks back when they were at sale. (undoubtedly on sale to clear out some inventory before a new version arrives) I had tried out the AirPods Max in the Apple Store and was really impressed by the noise cancellation but I didn’t want anything so ostentatious or as expensive.

I was apprehensive because I never loved my original AirPods. They never switched as seamlessly as I would have liked between devices and I had a fair number of issues with audio cutting out. I always preferred the original wired ear buds, except that Apple removed the headphone jack from their phones so I had to carry a lightning version for my phone and headphone version for my laptop.

AirPods Pro are what the original AirPods should have been. Truly seamless switching between devices. And I think the head tracking/spatial audio feature is a bit of a gimmick, there were several times I have had to stop and make sure that I was playing audio through my headphones the tracking is that good.

The noise cancellation has been really great.

Overall just really happy with these.

Recycling Water

Over the weekend, I got lost in my city’s website and read some of the published reports on water.

Water is a big deal in the west, everyone is talking about the Colorado river and the mega-drought we are experiencing.

Our city has a pretty sweet water re-use program that takes water directly from the water treatment center and stores it for use to irrigate the many hundreds of acres of city parks and land. I don’t know how common this is for cities (I don’t think it’s terribly unusual) but it was really cool to read about all the pipes and pumps and other infrastructure required to make it happen.

I also read that our city now allows for grey water reuse. You can use water from bathroom sinks, showers and washing machines in your yard. So now I am thinking about how to best and most easily start using our shower water and washing machine water to water some of the trees we have in our yard.

Trying to figure out what is doable from a DIY perspective, and how to make the most use of all this water. We don’t have an existing irrigation system, but I could see routing all the grey water to a central spot and then pumping (our laundry room is in the basement) into an irrigation system that at least waters our trees.

If anyone has done this, please add a comment. I would love to talk to you about it.

Who Is This For

I have not forgotten about this blog, even though I haven’t been posting here as much as I had anticipated.

I think one of my challenges has been the thought of who is this blog for? What am I even doing here?

I have a lot of varied interests, from hiking and photography, to foster care, to all kinds of technical topics, and business, and then there’s my musings on politics and faith. (which have evolved and will continue to change over time) Then there are the house projects I could post about, or the backyard chickens, and the bees.

None of this is a problem on Twitter where I have intentionally kept my Twitter locked down, and every tweet feels ephemeral. Here today, gone tomorrow. Nor is this a problem on Instagram where most of my posts are just neat pictures.

But writing a blog has felt a lot more permanent. And if I give you a mixed feed ranging from interesting tidbits I’ve found about the Linux kernel in one post, another post about my thoughts on all the posts about deconstructing the Christian faith in the next, and then a solar update in the next, who honestly gives a shit?

Maybe no one. And you know what, I don’t have any metrics on this blog for how many people are out there reading this. Unlike Twitter, I don’t have a follower count that I can watch tick down as people find the posts I make uninteresting. And that’s a good thing. I think social media has trained us, or at least it has trained me to be too performative. I don’t want to be a tap dancing monkey.

And the blogs I’ve enjoyed reading most have been the ones of people. Real people. Talking about their real lives. Whether they get absurdly interested in running a text-only OpenBSD laptop, or talking about taking their kids down to the beach for one last summer trip, or their rain-water collection system.

Because behind these posts are real people. And real people are really interesting, even if I’m not as interested in each topic.

So, if anyone is out there reading this, I’m changing my perspective a bit. I’m going to post things I find interesting. Maybe you find everything I post as interesting as I do (unlikely), and probably half these things I will lose interest in or change my mind about in the years to come, but this is who I am. A real person. A changing person. Hopefully it inspires you to do the same on your own blog. Because those are the posts that I really love.

Slowcial Media

Just getting back from a big trip (more on that in a future post) and I had limited access to the internet. My RSS feeds were a great way to keep up with interesting happenings.

Anytime I find a blog with even mildly interesting content, I add it to my feed list. Most days I only have ten or so posts to sort through, and many of them are fascinating reads. This signal to noise ratio is a thousand times better than anything I have ever found on Twitter.


Traveling always makes me appreciate Colorado water so much. It’s always so fresh and wonderful right out of the tap. Everywhere else has water that just doesn’t taste quite right.

Final P/T

Just got back from my last physical therapy appointment. Been feeling so much better since I started going. I’m always impressed at their knowledge of biomechanics.

They had me ring a bell. I laughed because it’s not like I beat cancer but I am glad to be back in a spot where my leg doesn’t hurt anymore.