AJ’s Favorite Things: Insulated Water Bottles

There’s always so much whining and complaining about things online, I’m going to try to change that with my own little ray of sunshine on my little corner of the internets. These posts will sound like I’m trying to sell you something and I’m not. No affiliate links here. Just a few of AJ’s favorite things.

You see them everywhere, so I’m hardly unique when I write about insulated water bottles. There’s MIIR, and we have some Yeti tumblers, and Hydroflasks, and some S’wells, but my favorite are the Hydroflasks.

I’m a fan of the 32oz wide mouth. Alissa got one for me for my birthday with custom colors of gray and orange, and when I accidentally left it behind in a rental truck, she ordered me a second one.

It’s the little details that I like about this. The lid’s inner seal is depressed just a little bit, enough that if you drop it on the ground, the part that goes in the bottle isn’t going to make contact with the dirt or ground. I also like that it comes with a little rubber “boot” that acts like a built in coaster.

I’ve relegated all my old uninsulated Nalgene bottles (the ones that don’t cause cancer) to the refrigerator. I love cold water, and keeping them in the fridge lets them cool the water off before filling my Hydroflasks.