AirPods Pro

I got some new AirPods Pro a couple weeks back when they were at sale. (undoubtedly on sale to clear out some inventory before a new version arrives) I had tried out the AirPods Max in the Apple Store and was really impressed by the noise cancellation but I didn’t want anything so ostentatious or as expensive.

I was apprehensive because I never loved my original AirPods. They never switched as seamlessly as I would have liked between devices and I had a fair number of issues with audio cutting out. I always preferred the original wired ear buds, except that Apple removed the headphone jack from their phones so I had to carry a lightning version for my phone and headphone version for my laptop.

AirPods Pro are what the original AirPods should have been. Truly seamless switching between devices. And I think the head tracking/spatial audio feature is a bit of a gimmick, there were several times I have had to stop and make sure that I was playing audio through my headphones the tracking is that good.

The noise cancellation has been really great.

Overall just really happy with these.