Test Driving Beluga

Just read about the Beluga app from another blogger and I immediately went to download it.

It’s a micro-blogging app that you host yourself. You set up an S3 bucket with static hosting and everything runs off your phone.

It even has a built in feed reader for a social element for other Beluga users. It’s basically a static site generator that runs on your phone with a built in simple social element.

I immediately installed it and was very excited as this mirrors an idea I had long ago to do something very similar. I love WordPress and all, but I really just want an Instagram replacement that makes it simple to have a very simple photo blog. So far I like the app. I only wish it had a setting for adjusting photo quality — I do appreciate it down samples by default but the lower quality is too low in my opinion.

In any event, I’ll be test driving it over the next little bit. Give me a follow!