Side Quests

I recently put together a guide in Apple Maps of all the local coffeeshops in my area, which got me thinking about a few other categories. So I made a guide with all the local/non-chain restaurants in my town (a woefully short list), some of my favorite hiking spots nearby, and my favorite spots to hang in basically the entire state.

One thing lead to another, and I made it a goal to drink a chai in every local coffeeshop on my list. (sorry, Starbucks. Don’t really care about you and other huge chains) Which got me to thinking — what other side quests can I accomplish?

Here’s my list, so far:

  • Chai from every local coffeeshop
  • Check off Long’s Peak off my 14ers list
  • Eat at every local restaurant in town
  • Walk or bike every (off-road) trail in town
  • Take a photo of a wild bald eagle
  • Rewatch The Americans. (season 1 is already done as of last night!)
  • Bike to/from Boulder
  • Hike Bear Peak
  • Visit every park in my town

What side quests are you working on? Would love to hear!