Last week for our middle school youth group, we looked at Psalm 23. A slightly famous passage that can easily look outdated or irrelevant if you have read it too often.

But last week was a hard week for several different reasons, and as I read it last week, it felt fresh. Relevant. Needed. Revitalizing.

I also read last week a blog post about how Christians just can’t stand seeing anyone enjoy their life. And while I think that charge is warranted and completely justified, I think it’s incongruent with the picture that Psalm 23 paints.

Meadows and streams. Tables and feasts. Peace and stillness.

What a balm for the soul this passage is. No matter what good or bad thing you’re going through in life right now, God’s nearness refreshes us, revitalizes us, renews us. And it’s not because of our religious duty (did I have my morning quiet time, did I read enough or pray enough, am I enough) but because God is enough. I hope no matter what we all are dealing with right now that we can take some time and enjoy the nearness of God and rest in God’s enough-ness.