New Car

I posted about this one month ago and we now have a new car! And it’s electric. It’s nearly impossible to find an electric car that fast and I don’t know how we got lucky. I just decided what I wanted after doing a bunch of research and emailed a bunch of dealers.

Most of my email contact with dealers was somewhat negative. I asked upfront how much each dealer was charging over MSRP. Every dealer gave a direct answer, and I eliminated every dealer that charged $5k-$10k. Way more than I was willing to spend.

One dealer I was emailing back and forth with said they just had someone drop their reservation, do I want it? It was a higher trim (and higher price) then I really wanted to buy, but it was on a boat and it would mean waiting a month instead of 2 years, so I said yes. I figured, and confirmed, that if it came and we didn’t like it we could just walk away, they would sell it to the next person on the list, and we would all be happy.

Anyway. We paid a bit more than we planned, but not on dealer markups, just on extra features and all these extra features are so nice. The other cars in our garage are 15 and 17 years old, so all the new features are amazing. It’s like upgrading from a kids trike to a spaceship.

The only downside so far is the slow charger is slooooooow. Completely expected and we can manage for now. Doing research on level two chargers and just need to get an electrician out to install the service.