It’s been about a month since I posted to this blog, and that’s because I just spent the last two weeks or so traveling to and from Uganda to see the work of Musana in person.

Musana is the local word for sunshine, and this place is such a light in the communities they operate in. I’ve been involved with Musana since my first trip there in 2012 and it’s amazing to see how many people have been positively impacted by them in the past eleven years.

Their model is entirely based on self financial-sustainability. They use funds from US donors to buy land and build buildings so that local people can build businesses that are financially self-sustainable. Take, for instance, their schools. They operate 6 schools in total and each is excellent, excellent enough to charge a reasonable amount for tuition. This tuition includes a healthy profit margin that is used to support outreach programs, such as scholarships for the neediest and most vulnerable children.

I couldn’t endorse the model more and encourage everyone to check it out for themselves. Take a look at the website which goes into depth about how it all works.