A few things I like about my community

Some of these are hyper-specific to my neighborhood or town, others are more general to my state (Colorado) and country (USA).

  • That we know many of our neighbors, right next door and across the street
  • Our neighborhood is full of people from every life stage — from retirees to young professionals to families with young kids
  • We live in a remarkably walkable area. The library is an 8 minute walk, the rec center is 10, a grocery store only about 15 minutes. Within just a few blocks are numerous parks and open spaces.
  • Our neighborhood is full of houses with lots of large windows and hardwood floors.
  • Our town has a goal of something like 40% open space.
  • Colorado has stepped up to really help people. From free school lunches for all, to free college for foster kids. I am proud to be a Coloradan.
  • I love all the state parks, mountains and hiking options less than one hour from my house. An embarrassment of riches, truly.
  • I live in an older neighborhood full of so many huge trees of all kinds of different varieties.
  • Denver International is one of the biggest airports in the country — I can get almost anywhere in North America with a direct flight.
  • We have a wonderful culture of being active and being outside. 300 days of sunshine a year!